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Temptu Airbrush >> Best Budget Airbrush And Compressor For Scale Modelling — My Setup

I’ll put a link below in the description where I got it was on ebay obviously made in China airbrush kits, this must say that it’s a gold color, it was a gold one or a red one I I didn’t matter, so I just took the gold one I figured my harder & steen beck is almost a reddish color and first of all, let’s take a look at it airbrush air compressor.You’re right oops and little instructions, why not they’re actually not bad role in English.Maintenance all the parts that I know I get a part you probably buy the whole damn thing for the price of one part from my audience steinbeck. Let’s let’s put this in perspective.This is Maya, Mr hobby, my Pro conboy platinum I love this thing right I um for some reason during a cleaning which is rare for me to lose something I lost the little cap here the cap a put here.The cap that protects the needle, you know and I order another one and it was eleven bucks, this thing is eleven bucks, alright.So this whole hairbrush was fourteen alright so I’ll tell you where we’re coming from, if this thing even those.A quarter of what I think it should do, it’s probably worth keeping if just a spray, you know primers for god’s sakes but let’s check it out anyway, it looks like we got a little, um, eye dropper, because we use one of those is the wrench to take it apart and this looks like yeah this is if you have a.A hose and you have to clamp this is useless to me because I just I have the clothes with the screw on the end, so that’s kind of useless, um.It’s really light, it’s obviously it’s all aluminium, Anna dies with this color. Um, now the cap fits nice.Good size cop, let’s see if the cup comes off I don’t know.Hey, it does some don’t, some do it does go figure that’s pretty good, getting there to clean out a little better, it’s got to cut open so I guess this is the is this adjustable. I think it might be like my other one, this is this is the stopper so you have to pull back all the way.Yup, yup, that’s actually a good feature that’s on the Mid to higher end air brushes, so that’s pretty good.Is the air pressure I can see you can see the.The valve.Working alright, let’s check out the front here’s the protection cap like I got from my other one.Is your needle.You know I think it has a.Um, see what size needle has it doesn’t say here.It’s not even checked off, see the instructions it says a two three or four or five I don’t even know what the heck I got I have to look on the thing I was a three or a four it was like right in the middle, which is why I grabbed it.You see if the rest of this nozzle comes apart. Yeah it’s got all the gaskets.The needle don’t look that bad, that’s the way you put the wrench right there to pull out the needle head out.And I guess this comes apart for further cleaning, we will see if there’s that much deep cleaning because we’re just gonna do a quick test I guess, this comes off, yeah, this comes off so you can move the valve let’s check out the back.It’s got a nice gas get over here. Let’s check the needle.See if it’s straight always roll it see if it’s straight.Now looks looks good to me, let me see, yep looks alright.I think this comes out, yeah, this comes out for cleaning, this is just like Maya. My others Maya Pro con.Seeing mechanism I can even see if I’m here with the spring and the little arm that pushes back right there.So that’s pretty good.And you can adjust attention with this.But that’s no big deal for me, that doesn’t bother me too much alright let’s put this back in. Fitting pretty nice, I’m not gonna add stuff like this, yet I don’t hit the camera guys the needle juice for the.To make it you know perform better because I’m going to test it as it is and if I end up liking the damn thing, I’ll I’ll get all prepped, you know from that.And that’s it, and it goes back in all right, not bad, we’re off to a good start, anyway it looks.It looks alright, now we’re going to have to put one of these on this is my quick release.Then I use my quick valve, so let’s go ahead.Sucked on so I could just put it into the hose at normal use there we go.And as far back it goes who knows depends, we’re gonna be spraying won’t use the cap because we do a lot of back and forth alright, here’s the plan we’re going to try and do these it’s a lot, it’s gonna be a long video but it’s all different kinds of paint I might not go through all of them will see how the test is going well no if it’s horrendous will know right away, if it’s good I might keep going, you know but here’s a couple of primers well here’s a primer from all clad here’s the awkward gloss a lot of people have requested to see how that goes through because this stuff is thick.It’s tough to clean out this is their normal clear coat. Um, here’s my a star as a badger primer I figured go with gray that’s an acrylic primer, here’s my nascar super heavy I think it will go heavy I have the light and I have the heavy primer there and then I got all clouds will go black Chrome in a candy will do two different kinds of.All clad there Mr p I’ve almost finished this bottle and I have another one it’s subaru blue I did one of my gums in this so with a little bit that’s left I think it will test its a metallic is an acrylic.From vallejo is the Mecca lineup deep blue.Here’s an extreme metal, we just did copper I think it will try a metal, this is an enamel.Um, here’s a guy a paint, this is my evangelical even jelly an color series, this is a dark purple, this is a lacquer. I figured Mr color lacquer, this is a metallic gx will go something unique, this nice looking pearl green.A to me a flat yellow standard acrylic lacquer, this is their um, their acrylic version of it anyway, and this is a pure acrylic, this is humble.A French blue gloss it kind of looks like this right here.I tried to get French blue for a friend who, um.Ask me in the feet below and the questions, um, what they want to see it was French blue from a.A model master acrylic, and I went to two stores didn’t have it and it was taken a little too long for me to get it from Amazon by the time I wanted this test done so I was doing it, um, one of the hundreds anyway, so I figure I’ll do the French blue that’s a color he was interested in anyway, this cost me I think two dollars out of scale hobbyist in new Hampshire good place and that’s it, that’s the run of it will start with a color I’m guessing or maybe a primer and at the booth, what I’m gonna do is.We’ll clean out the gun with an acrylic and will clean out the gun on camera with a lacquer to see that, but after that I’m going to clean out every collar will just do the painting and cie brushes and because once you once I clean it once we’ll see how the cleaning goes I’m gonna do the standard to the cup and backwash, it will move on and at the end, I’ll pull out with how dirty the needle is and whatnot again it’s fourteen bucks if it’s even half way decent it’s worth it guys, alright I’ll pick one of these first. Will love it to booth and we’ll see how this stuff looks now before I head over.In case you guys don’t stay till the end, I’m going to do this twice I’ll do this on my next video too, when I do one of these other test but I want you guys to know that this metal varnish which I tested last is.Phenomenal stuff dried hard as diamonds I even scratching this thing a masking tape I’ve done I’ve done it all and it’s just it’s looking it’s unbelievably dried even nicer than in the video, it even leveled out even further you just can’t scratch it. This stuff is fantastic look, this is my spaz right spaz I marked it’s a metal varnish, so I know the metal varnishes on it and I can Mark this up, you know.So this stuff is great I just wanna let you guys know look how great it looks this is on the humble humble spray can look at the job I did on this.I mean it’s just it’s it’s awesome, it’s durable, I mean you’re not gonna beat it up, but at least you know if you’re going to do a gun or something you can handle it and pose it and nothing’s really going to flake off I’m gonna try it as a general a gloss coat to on just the basic paint job and see what that is, but I won’t let you guys know, I’ll also highlight this in the next video let you guys know how good that stuff ended up working all right, let me pick one of these let me check the booth and check out this cheap air brush.Great guys to start this off I want to check it and get some nice close-up lines, you know I know it’s not the finest day brush for that, but um.It’s my bottle, my custom model of a.Black bass from a wall clad I just took a little squeeze. Put some drops in it.And, um I don’t know what to expect, but um.Let’s see what we can do for some fine lines.That’s not bad.Let’s lower the airway down.So we get.You can go much closer now with the air turned way down, and just. Put your finger in a little bit triggers kind of uncomfortable.My initials are c. let’s get a little closer.It’s not bad, I mean you, can, you can appreciate a kit with this easily.You know. You see we get some dots.How close we can get.I’m going to get real close. It’s probably as good as I’m gonna get it.I think it’s a three or four novel I gonna check it.I don’t think it’s a two you can see the splatter a little bit when you come out.A good way to test it.Incoming close though.Look, how close we can get. As long as you’re moving to you should have a problem.But.That’s a good appreciate.It is flattering on a bit it’s not keeping the paint clothes which is a sign of a. Below average nozzle.You know, but.You turn it way down I think you guys could probably.Get some decent lines. The trigger is just so uncomfortable for me.But, um.Anyway onto the pink test I want to see how we do this first.And it’s not too bad, I mean it’s fourteenth freaking dollars, I mean what can we expect but.It gets the job done, if you want to appreciate anyway.Yeah all right then on to the test.Alright guys we’re at the booth I started with all clad black primer micro filler. Um, this is pretty thin, so I just put it straight in the car, a boatload of spoons here, let’s um.Blow it off first.Let’s see we get.Not bad, so far but I’m pretty nice.Looks like it might have been a smaller needle than I thought it was I have to look it up.I have to pull up the ebay APP on my phone and see which one I as I bought. I seem to pull it further out to get better coverage, but again I don’t think that’s the price fall I think it’s a smaller needle I could pull it way back it seems let’s say.But anyway, it’s it’s it’s working I can’t really tell if it’s law well this is a flat.Primer so.It went on.It looks like it doesn’t analyze the paint, you know like one of my good ones.But then again when this dries will know because primer dries completely different, you know.Adult drive but that’s the first experiment.Um, I’ll clean this one I won’t show this cleaning on camera yet.Um, I’ll let it build up a little bit so we’ll go onto the next color.And keep testing. Alright, next up another primer heavy super heavy.This is guy, you know it’s a nasco lineup.And we’ll do some more primer I filled it up. A thin it with a.Standard lack authentic because it was pretty thick in here and once I put it in the cup.I blended a little bit of leveling thinner on it.Goes on well so far.That squeaky or noisy or anything but the trick is uncomfortable, it’s too tall for me.I had the air turned up just over twenty about 22 it seemed.It seemed to like it.A little heavy on the air pressure. That I noticed let’s going heavy and here we go.Super heavy I think it means the color and I think it’s sandal, so this, this can go on thick.It’s me too, um.Cover up imperfections, but yeah that’s it, it went on like I said there’s a brush if it’s even decent it’s great to have just to put primers on heavy clear coats and leave everything else now let this dry I obviously see the result.But, um, it seems to.It seems to have worked pretty good so far so good alright. You like to go, so let’s move on to the next color.Alright guys we’re gonna move on.Black Chrome all clad one of my favorites, see what that does, I’m gonna skip a couple of the other primers because I figured that I’ve done two primaries grey and black, so we’ll move on to some of these different colored paints.A straight out the bottle in here.And my black school suit, we get. Yes.I’m gonna lower the air pressure, this I forgot it.I forgot a all clad Chrome, they like the air pressure pretty low, it’s going on pretty good so far I’m not as good as the other brush I can tell it doesn’t analyze the pain as well.There you go, I’m not gonna put any more, I mean I can go heavy on one side.On the other side, alright.We could try that but it seems a.It seems to have not the same quality too it’s hard to explain.On this, you know.And I’ll hold it up next to one of my other spoons, if you can see it in the video that’d be good.I’m.I don’t know what else I have here I have some spoons that have stopped working I keep seeing have specs on them.I keep them because they have imperfections so let’s see. Yeah I should stop there.But it’s still too it’s too much black Vs Chrome for me, but I want to test and see how it goes on heavy.Even though this paint should not go on heavy.Let’s try it.It doesn’t behave the same at all it’s hard to explain but I’ll show you in the video, but anyway it went on.Not great, but it worked, we’ll see how it dries and look up with the other one that’s not too bad, I’m not crazy about it, but. We’ll say.We want to the next color.And see you in a second.Alright guys I’m too, one of my favorites aka extreme metal, this is copper.A I recall this link, this only has to go over regular plastic so there’s no primer. Have any trouble I do have some primary spoons here, let’s see what we get.You turn the air pressure back up one second guys.I turned it down for the all clad array.I admit that the button is hard to use, it’s really tall.Yeah, once you it’s hard to even get specs on it’s hard to ease up on it. It is getting the job done, you know.Let’s flash dry this.It dries really fast it’s already darling outfit.Yeah it really likes this paint.Flash dry it again it’s pretty strong in the air, so pull it back.This stuff dries really even. You know.So that’s good I did like this one this one went on pretty good still not the same, it just doesn’t go on the same it’s hard to explain, but the.The nozzles in the hundred Dollar brushes 200 Dollar brushes, they analyze the air in a special way, it’s all high quality machining, and these are just pushing air through a needle, it’s not the same science but it does get the job done, you know to a point.I’m onto the next color. Alright guys moving on we are all club.Candy golden yellow, this one just came in, is it.I have some Silver spoons prepped and all kinds of cold Silver here you know.These ones are from failed tests.But I keep aside for stuff like this but let’s see how it does are clear.It looks to clear.Yeah, this is going well, but the trigger is really hard to get used to it, so tall.I can somehow cut this trigger and move it down. It does really like this, a clear this seems to be going on the best so far.We dry this off a bit, so I can put a nice heavy layer on this.It’s a good lookin’ yellow, too.I’m flash drying, it now.Alright, let’s go in for a heavier coat here move across a little slower.Keep in mind this isn’t the best bass yeah, these are like failed experimental spoons I put aside.I I just grabbed one of them.Yeah.Just in case.It looks great though this. It really went on good for this which tells me.It’s going to air brush the gloss coats on well too.The aqua box and the standard.Gloss paints, you know just ran on really well look at that.I have no complaint on this one.You know so.Um, that’s a good that’s a good sign, alright guys, we’ve got another caller.Hey guys going on to the extreme other end here with an acrylic with the humble, this is French blue, this is a white prime spoon.I had to thin that stuff, it’s a stick his mud man I had to thin it down quite a bit but let’s see what we get.I’m getting splattered. See I don’t even touch at that time.I even had the needle pushed in and it just splattered.Now this stuff, you’re gonna flash dry, so let’s do that.And I think the trigger sticks.I should have put the needle juice on it and oil it up.But again I want to test it straight out of the box, you know. Yes.Alright, let’s flash dry this.Ouch.Here you go, when I’m pretty good.It behaved a little whoop try guys.Behavioural walkie coz of the trigger getting stuck.But I ended up painting it on alright.Alright.Let that dry. And we’ll move on to the next color.Alright guys, next up Mr p Mr pink from Slovakia, this is subaru blue metallic.Oh, this is a prime spoon, it’s white.Um, this is straight out of the bottle o me and the trigger keeps sticking on me.This stuff here, brushes really well it’s a great lineup of paint I got some tests coming up with that soon.So you guys want to look out for.Drive fast, too.Yes.I’m flash drying it.Yeah.Look at that, huh.Not bad.Not bad.Still a.It’s a little tricky to use, but you know it always paints dry and then I got to clean it and see how that goes to but um.Let me clean this out, and we’ll move on to the next color. Alright guys, next up.Mr color I should say Mister metallic.G X is two eleven.A yellow-green.Gonna put this on a um.Surface prime.School.I use that for my schools. Let’s see we get the boss seems to be struggling with metallics, I’ve noticed that that’s why I think the clear.Seemed to come out so well.So far, all of them, you know.Well so far this one is air brushing well I think the hell out of it.Um I do that with my Mister colors, anyway, they go on great very thin.So it does like this, it does like it’s paint extremely thin.Which is the sign of a.Not a great nozzle.But what can you expect.Yeah it really.It likes this pain.I used a Mr leveling thinner.This is my favorite.Yeah that’s it really like that this was no problem with this one it seems to be a picky.And um what it likes to pay, but again we’ll go over it, if you can pick out two or three.You know that it paints well it’s probably worth your while. Um, alright, let’s grab another color.Hey guys valeo Mecca color.This is deep blue I got a spoon.A white primer.Um I find it quite a bit.As I’m noticing this thing seems to like solve its better than it does acrylics.What a reason, who knows.This is a. These are tricky so you gotta flash dry these.Like coach just like Maya acrylic video says, so let’s do that.Dries really fast.It is hard to control a look at this flat because I can’t control this, this um. The trigger at all.The button.Whatever you call it Anthony.Let’s flash try this, maybe we can fix our mistakes.You know this stuff.Looks like it’s going off until the final coat hits and it looks great so.My hand seems to be dragging on the needle that moves back and forth I don’t like that. That could be affecting.What I’m doing I just realized.However, the color is starting to come in.Try to get far away with the ear, you wanna blow this pain I got it pretty thin it’ll end up pushing it around the spoon but it’s getting pretty close to the color.As I said.Usually, the final coat on this stuff, but my hand is dragging on this.It moves back so might my finger hits you can see how dirty my hand is because.I’ll show you later on, on the cleaning, what I did.Let’s see I I can try to move my hand away from it. It’s not comfortable at all.Yeah I’m gonna call that.I just can’t take my fingers it’s stunning.It’s time to get to me actually anyway, you know not that it put it on.They put the color on look at that.Beautiful color.But a right move on to the next color.Alright guys, next up is to me a flat yellow X F three.White prime spoon with this one.Let’s see what we get.To me, air brush a hair brushes really well so let’s see.If this paint is forgiven. First cope.Nice and light.This isn’t a traditional lacquer, it’s a mean a traditional acrylic.It’s a lacquer based acrylic.Like a. Mr p.A SMS also.I’m gonna flash dry this. It’s a flat yellow, so this isn’t going to get a high gloss on this at all.Very good Mecca Cola.Watch tough.Using the trigger on this thing.It does like this paint so far it does like this one.I’m gonna flash drive, then give its final coat.You can see where it’s dragging my finger, but it could be the size of my hand, you guys see it.When I pull it back.This is dragon.I guess let’s see if we can adjust this.AH.Let’s try that.That’s a little better.Doesn’t help the uncomfortable trigger.To be air brushes really well. It generally doesn’t run it has a nice pigment, it’s a good pain it’s a great pain.Um, we’ll call that done c’mon good, very good.Right.I think I got one color left and then we gotta do some clear and then we’re done. Alright.Last of the colors.Is the gaia.Evangelical purple.A primed white spoon.I think it needs a really forgiven paint because um.It seems to just spit the pain out, so to speak, you know. And it just spit.It’s this damn trigger I end up pulling it at the wrong time.There’s flash dry this.I could probably cover up the mistakes, this is a dark opaque color.Still. Man.You really have to make sure you start off.Of your project with this hairbrush, and then come into play and then. Make sure you passed it before you lit up on the trigger.Flash drive is too quick and it will get another coat looks like it’s done already.Came out good. The leveling thinner should level this thing right off looks good.No problems.Gets the job done I guess is a best I can say anyway, um I got a couple of glass coats.And then the aqua blocks and clear and then.Will head back to the bench. Hey guys, um arco gloss.Over my SMS bronze.Love this stuff.But, um, let’s see how this works.It seems to like the clear so.This stuff is straight on the bottle.You’ve got to get more out of here.Let’s turn up.I’m gonna turn up the air pressure quite a bit here, guys.This is a this is on the thick side, if I recall here we go. Yeah it likes declares it does like declares, if you guys plan on using aqua gloss a lot.A dedicated brush just for that might be the thing to go, because this stuff is thick and it’s a special kind of cleaning use hot water.Um, that’s it I’m done, it went on.Look at.So we’ll let that dry. I got one more we’re going to use a lacquer clear coat pick a color.Put that over and then I’ll show you how to clean it and we’ll head back to the bench.Were you guys last test.Of this year brush will be.Gosh, clear coat.And it says it says.I get to kill it on you guys apply all flag gloss clear coat over matte paints providing ultra smooth service for details, I mean.It isn’t for anything that’s that’s a recommendation, but I went and got really mad college spoons I have, this is humble.One of my humble acrylics and it is it’s as dead mad as you can get to see it not over.Bounce of reflection on this thing, so let’s test that first.I think this paint is so flat, it would absorb anything that’s why I’m gonna test it.Nah, it’s starting to work. Look at that.The ambush loves clears I know that for a fact now.Yeah it worked good.SO.For the hell of it, let’s try it over this orange, this is mission orange.A great color.Yet now this was more of a smooth matte, the other one had that.Really dead, matte look to it so it’s covering this much faster.That’s why I chose these two.So it does it does like the Glasgow it does like the clears.AH.Alright, I’m gonna pause the camera.I’m gonna show you how I clean it back at the bench right now.Alright guys, here’s how I’ve been cleaning it, um. I’ve been getting this acetone.Oops.Sorry guys.Putting some in. Blast and somehow.Now.Cover the front with the rag.Cover the cup with the rag as it splashes out.And that’s given your reverse flow.Dump out the rest I keep a bucket with a.Paper towels in it right below my desk and then it should blow should blow through it pretty clean, if you want.You can go in with a couple of drops again even at this time, you can just blow into the rag and what happens is.It will actually blow back into the nozzle and clean it out and I will also get a brush.And going here.Yeah, and that’s if I’m gonna do a lot of painting and switching colors.Going with your rag right here, that’s it, it seems to clean up pretty good, a lot of pain on it as this is going on for quite a few hours, this test and. It seemed like it seemed to be pretty good.It held up.So mhm.What I’m gonna do now is I’m going to paint.Using my other air brush a couple of the same paint that gave me trouble in this to show you the difference and the other a brush with the same color, same spoon, same mixture alright meet me back at the booth. And I’ll show you what I mean.Alright guys, first up on the testing.Of the same paints.In Maya standby as Russia Maya gsi Pro con.A got a hello.Mr p blue subaru metallic.Right.Seems a little.High on the pressure here, here we go alright, here we go, what’s the difference.You guys will see the difference in a.In the end when I show you the other spoon.It just. It just comes out.So fine.The other one like I said it doesn’t have a nice adaptation process in the nozzle, it’s just a just a needle that blows the paint by it, you know it’s hard to explain unless you watch a instructional video on a.How a hairbrush works a goody brush anyway.Alright, let’s flash dry this a little bit. This is from the same package boons I grab all of them from.These are all I think these I mean I prime during the week c, some have grey and I just keep them so they’re ready for testing and that’s where all the spoons come from and next one is my black ones for my metal paint demos.Yes. A flash try this again.Sorry for such a long video guys, but um testing this stuff indepth seems to.It just takes a while but this is way more comfortable, can you see how low the.The um.The button is the trigger look at that.The other one is way up here and I couldn’t put my hand back.Now it could be a good ambush and maybe you guys have a different everybody has different hand sizes obviously so it still could be a good hairbrush for my hand, it just didn’t fit right.We’ll go over that at the end you know.But I know something was wrong when I had trouble spraying this and this paint just goes on wonderful uh-oh, sorry guys.I just love this pain.Now that is subaru blue look at that.Alright I didn’t do anything fancy I’m a little sloppy ham just throwing it on I didn’t really flash dry it.You know.This is to show you the difference between a hundred Dollar Russia ten dollars obviously.Anyway, we’ll let that dry I’m gonna do one more pain.One that I think came out awful and then, um, in this gun, and that will wrap this up. Alright guys.Another one I wanted to redo.Is this acrylic humble French blue.White school.In the gsi, Mr hobby Pro con.A platinum alright let’s try this out.Who might be twenty or his baby ola. Now, this will kind of go with the.The flash techniques I’m gonna dry it off quick.This stuff dries really fast, anyway, you know.This is a pretty forgiving acrylic and this is a pure acrylic, this is.This is your heavy you know water based nothing special. Pure acrylic.And we’re just gonna go in here for the final shot.There you go, French blue. Alright.So that’s the end of that.And now we’re gonna wrap this thing up, so these are back to back to show you this a brush using the same paint, same spoons, same mixture and honestly the difference at the bench so you know why I went ahead and did this for you guys, alright. We’ll see you back at the bench.Alright guys conclusion time, let’s go through some of this awesome good, some bad a might be more good than bad and again, you’ve got to take price into account, now when you saw at the beginning we tried some lines.And not too bad if you get your steady hand going.And you go real slow and get the air pressure just right, you can get a good line, um, but average I was getting a little bit of misting on the lines but still I I it’s good if you want to do some pre shading again I got to see what the needle sizes, I’ll put in the description because I’ll put a link where I bought the thing and it should have what it is it’s a three or four I believe so it’s a little big for doing fine lines, but it kind of got the job done, and this wasn’t even a special paint I just drew the the all the all clad black loss bass, I’ve even put a nice black that you would appreciate with anyway you know a flat black, but that was to start.AH.I I I I don’t like to trigger its just too tall and I used to keep my thing either my pull or this.I keep my finger close to this, and I like to pull back because I’ve gotten hold on.The proton can you see how low.Look how low the trigger is.Look at this thing.It’s just too much so I’ve gotten used to it, can you see where my hand is.Yep that’s everything, I’m pushing in and I’m pulling back with no effort, it’s it’s this air brushes fault, it’s not this one I’ve just gotten used to this and you just can’t do it with this one.You know I just my hand just fell into that so you have to go up tall and it’s so tall, it’s the law of leverage, you know just it’s easy to pull back because it’s just too damn tall, if they had this thing short.Like this I bet you’ve get this thing short and somehow my brother owns a machine shop, we should cut this thing down.I bet you would turn this into a you know a seven out of ten ambush just for that alone and that’s what I meant by my hand kept grabbing in this thing, see this thing moving and it kept rubbing my hand I don’t have that problem. With my heart and steam back at all, it just shaped differently, it doesn’t, it doesn’t seem to drag my fingers at all you know.SO.That’s a problem too I figured out as I was doing it, you know just twist this thing so my hand isn’t near it and that solve that but it never really solved this problem for me, you know I’ll take off this because it doesn’t come with this so you guys don’t see that.This is my quick release valve.This is how it comes and um.But you know aesthetic societal how I held it.It performed pretty good, um, it likes the primers, this is all clad’s black primer and fill a look at how perfect it laid this stuff down.It was present, um, you could see it in the jar.It just went from there to your brush to the hair on a blank spoon.No plastic beer plastic, it’s phenomenal, it’s smooth it’s fantastic done aska done aska gaia notes. Super heavy another.Great lady, I’ll look at that it’s got a little more grip to it than the all clad a little smoother, but this has a little bit of grip to it, which is good to hold your next paint, this would be going to hold on acrylic but this one I’m beautiful too.You know so as I said if you’re just putting primer with it you’re just as your primary gun, you know even if you get a half a year’s use, if this thing dies.You know it’s fourteen bucks, it’s to it’s to McDonald’s big Mac meals, if I’m not mistaken, not that I have that often.But that’s good look at that right now.All clad black Chrome. Check that out.Look at that not bad now, let me show it to the original.I pulled one out over here.Here we go.Now look. The camera might look better but this looks way better you don’t see any speckling at all you see some kind of speckling in this but I could see if I can buff a little bit I put it on pretty light you know I went really light which is a.It wasn’t behaving well, you can kind of see a sheen that was unnatural and I think it comes down to the nozzle animas ation, but this is through my goody brush.And this is through that still quite acceptable.It’s still acceptable.Look at that not bad huh, not bad.Thank you.Alright.Aqua gloss clear I put this over my SMS, the bronze that I did recently and look at that it’s perfect, it went down, there’s no ripples, it’s beautiful, it’s tough.Is it because it’s it’s straight from the bottle, it doesn’t change the formula of that but it laid it out beautifully, it likes declares it likes the primers, it seemed. Look at.Another bonus because this stuff is pretty thick and it really freezes up your gun, you gotta put hot water faster, your gun once you’re done and you can’t go more than a few minutes, you’re brushing this stuff, that’s how thick it gets, but you gotta clean it out fast but handled it did handle it now, this is the gloss clear coat, now, this is meant to go over and smooth out your mats because it says right to apply over mats for smooth decals surface.So I got two kinds of mad I got one that was really rough matte, and that’s my humble mats are really they were pure, I mean they’re a dead Matt so even though this isn’t shiny, it’s smooth it’s hard to explain, you know over it’s hard to explain to his camera but it’s smooth, it was a dead flat before this, you could probably see in the video earlier where I sprayed it whereas this was a matte orange.And look at the shine, it got.So it did behave as it’s supposed to it, this is a smooth, this is now smooth I can put a detail on this but put it down as a gloss look at it beautiful.So it did that good too, it did both kinds of Claire’s perfectly. Alright, now we’re gonna get into what you’ve seen right here brushed twice.Using the same paint.The same spoon, but the other gun alright check this out for some reason.It did not like this, Mr p, can you see it. And I’m not sure what in god’s name that says I got other spoons bear spoons spoons with different primer on it all different look at this I couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on.So I decided at the end I’m going to put the same paint.Through the gun through my other gun, same mixture, same spoon so you guys can see what I mean it’s something to do with the way it mixes the paint in the nozzle, it’s just not a not a good nozzle hold on a second guys gotta reach for something here. Yeah right I did this whole kit recently of A S my subaru based.AH.Gundam, now you can see I used all this brand on this, this is the luminous yellow and this is this blue same color out of the bottle, you don’t mix it at all you put in the gun, you know and for some reason through this gun I got these speckles spots like I.Dip this thing in olive oil and this is a this is me first attempting A I didn’t even um.I was just practicing will say with with this one and look how beautiful it came out.So I took the same paint the same jar that I put in this I grabbed the spoon from the same been puttin, this hairbrush yo sorry I just did it and look at it there’s the difference is day and night, so it did not like this paint for whatever reason I don’t know what this is and what it was doing to it.It’s the same spoon I grabbed it from the same bin.So this is the same paint in my air brush now this has a great nozzle, um, if you can’t see it here you’d really have to see it from the company’s website, um, but um.It uses a optimization process that really really, um.Does the paint well before it comes out it really analyzes the air beautifully this I think just shoots it, it just shooting the air through and that’s all you’re doing and you’re releasing more there’s there’s no little nozzles like this has advises the air and the paint together, that’s why I think if something’s going on in this has a heavy if you can see it see right there has a heavy metallic to it too which somehow affected the flow so it did not like this at all.I mean I knew something was up when I took the same paint and stuck it in my ear brush and the result was right there.You know I literally just it support you can see the bottles of mess because I’m pulling straight out of the bottle, you don’t mix it. So that was that, so that was a fail.Um, technically the first fail.Alright, now next it didn’t like this acrylic because valet was very picky and it’s finicky you gotta go really slow and I did my process with this but it’s still it’s as if you just took it in your mouth and spit it out in the spoon, because it’s not really analyzing the paint just blowing it out and whatever paint is more forgiving.It does well because it’s more the pain is just more forgiving, this stuff isn’t going to be really good to do vallejo now just so you know, can you see how it ran and pulled.And that’s using my slow process of doing acrylics, this lineup is all I have from vallejo is a Mecca because I have the other stuff, I’m not crazy about it, but just so you know this is how this stuff comes out.Right.These all three of these are Mecca.Colors turquoise, this is the magenta, this is the fluorescent green and look at the difference, yeah you got the polling and the running it didn’t like this and you really need a good air brush personally to do these more difficult paints because it really makes your job easier. And, but this is me, just practicing because I’m getting ready to do a big test on the Mecca paint lineup and I really like it I’m not a loyal fan, but I like this paint goes on good not through this air brush, if I had this air brush and not my other one I would hate this paint, you know, but I I don’t I got a good air brush and there’s the difference.It takes difficult paints makes them easier this just it’s gonna be your difficult paint.You may be great great patients might help too but that’s what they should look like alright alright let’s move on. Mr hobby, Mr metallic gx two eleven this is a yellow-green, this went on great this literally this stuff.I would convert everything to this point, this is the great that’s why I have more of this paint than anything else this stuff you could be a fool.With blindfold on and this stuff will lay down beautiful, I mean this just went on, it went great, it didn’t run it just went great, it’s very I thinned it out really well, maybe it looks really thin paint I thinned everything pretty good. But it likes this, but you can’t judge it on this because this stuff air brush is great, but you get this cheap air brush and you by just these paints and primers you guys got it made, but look at it when I’m perfect look at it it’s the smoothest silk, it just went on beautifully, so that’s a win.Now it likes clears this is I just got this in golden yellow candy from all cloud look at that is that great it went on smooth as silk, look at it.Look.Come on, that’s great. Oh man that is that’s just wonderful, that came out awesome nothing to say, I mean that’s just perfect, alright all class, I mean a guy notes this is gaia’s evangelical color series, this is dark purple, it’s basically a lacquer paint, send it 5050 I don’t even think I went to fifty point sixty sinner, let me show you what I used.Oh my gosh.I use this for everything.Use your leveling, thinner this is the greatest stuff on the planet, I’m halfway I gotta order some now because it’s hard to get it runs out fast, this is the greatest sinner in the world you even use it to thin your tomatoes also any of your acrylic lacquer’s just use this to thin it but that’s what I put in this perfect results, look at it.Smooth.Look at that matches perfectly look at that, that’s one of the best match to cap.The spoon I’ve ever had.So that’s another win.To me a very forgiving paint, just as forgiving as Mr koller.Alright look at this flat yellow is that great.I’ve done this with the leveling thinner fifty-fifty about look at it perfect perfect, it loves it.So that went on grade two. If you buy mr. tamiya and some of the old clouds, the brush is probably fine for you, these other difficult acrylics, I’m not so sure, but there’s enough right there to warrant purchase already a copper aka extreme metal great stuff, I love this stuff, it’s the stuff I painted my gatling gun with.Look at that.And there it is, look at that it went on perfect.It liked it, this is an enamel by the way and so that went on, well not a thick metallic to it.Which is I think may went through to me for a loop over here with that one.So that was good, another winner.Alright, this acrylic gave me trouble, now I like.Humbles acrylics right, this gave me trouble, it ran.Anything with the difficult acrylics, let me show you one of their spoons, hold on one second guys.I want to show you how much better this stuff goes on.Yeah. Alright.Yeah.HA.There you go.This is my humble, this is humble matte orange, it goes on, I mean it’s one of the better acrylics I’ve ever had a pure acrylic, this is pure acrylic, like water, you can fill it with water there’s not many like that, and it just it gave me trouble, it’s something with these hard to do acrylics the Mecca and this one now just so you know.Whole lot of second guys here it is right here. That’s when I went back you guys saw me go back and paint it.In the video and I went back and redid two colors.That’s the other one yeah the first one was the blue Mr right there, that’s the redone and this is the redo, same bottle, same mixture in the cup.Same spoon from the same Ben we showed in the video I just grab them, these are all three prior prime see I got grey ones and white ones in there I use mr. surface a primer on both and some to me on both either one.And look at that.Look at this is that one.That I just did with this gun.That’s with this gun and that’s with this one, so it doesn’t like the difficult shouldn’t say difficult, but some of these pure acrylics are tough you’re really going to take your time, but even doing my process it still ran because it didn’t Adam eyes the paint properly, you really need a good air brush, you know this is it, I mean look at that, that’s just pure paint shop as you can get and that’s from this Dollar 99 acrylic stuff using this gun.So that’s why I want to show you.The results of the same paint in a different gun, that’s why I did that, so this is with that one and this is with man look at the runs, no runs at all.So if you want to air brush, my conclusion, if you want to air brush everything like I do I I love this pile of paint I want to paint all kinds of pain, the market everything.You got to go and spend a hundred bucks, this is about a buck ten on this brush at a minimum, this changed my modeling life to say brush and I use I even use the adjuster air valve in the front I don’t use this as much in the bag because I used the.Trigger itself, it cleans easy, you just open that lit up a little bit, it blows back and cleans everything out for you a about every two weeks, I’ll go and pull the needle out and clean it by hand and for this one.AH.We’ve broken apart in the beginning it cleaned up pretty easily.You know but I’m going to I’m going to depth, if you want to paint all the colors like I do all the acrylics, the emails you all vallejos, if you stay away from certain acrylics that are troublesome.I mean, these are hard to find only two places in America sell these where I buy them and these can get everywhere but I’m not a I’m not a vale fan, but I am a fan of this paint.So if you think of it that way. You remove a couple of these you’ve got a good air brush here, this damn thing got the job done, it’s not great but it’s gonna get the job done you I just went through them all it’s going to get the job done, alright so.That’s my conclusion, it was fourteen bucks for god’s sakes, you can’t go wrong particularly don’t even have any brush you want to get started, you know you might as well do this get the right paints.Personally I go, Mr hobby, these guy, um, you know, and some of y’all clouds and Maya, those are going to get you through no matter what they go on perfect, these aches go on perfect for metal colors, the all clad’s great you almost foolproof, you know.But if you want to spray everything like me, you’re gonna have to go in and put the fifteen bucks towards this thing and get that this has free shipping by the way two at sprague under dot com, that’s where I got it, but not bad, it’s not bad, it’s not bad air brush, it did.The job for the ones that went well, it went well, so that’s my review, it is not that bad, if you liked a certain paint that it worked well with.Then you got yourself an air brush for fifteen bucks had free shipping on on top of it guys I think it was free shipping you’ll see in the link below I got it on ebay and it came out of new Jersey, so I got the damn thing in two days because I live in new England, but there you go, that’s the gamut I only had two failures three failures this a humble.Zip a makeup and this Mister Payne and I should’ve did the Mecca on mine, but at least I had the spoons from them that I did to show you how good that paint actually does go on and that was it so.And I was just making sure it wasn’t the pain, how I had it mixed in the spoons, that’s why I went and did the same everything the same I just switched guns and the results were superior, so it ended up being the gun on those paints, I mean I guess you could work at it and figure it out, you know to get it down, but don’t worry about it. I spent way too much time on this video for a fifteen Dollar air brush, I’m sure you guys skipped around I would too but it was I had to go into depth because I really wanted to break this down I want to shoot cause all these paints act differently and now you know how how different they lack and if you get a good air brush that can handle everything.That’s why I have these because I like to handle I like to paint everything but that’s my conclusion, anyway guys like the video please subscribe if you haven’t already I got tons more to go I got in some new cans check this out I got new cans of metal eyes ers and the spray can I got the sealer in the spray can which is rare.Um I got two new colors of all clad copper and hot metal carbon check that out, we’ll be testing those soon too I got to my ink air brushing test soon and we’ve got some brand new, um, um extreme medals I got the new Chrome I show that in the last video so these are gonna be coming up soon too I might do that this week that video in a few days, alright guys.