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Scabbing Day By Day Microblading Healing Process * Battle Of The Top 4 Best Eyebrow Pen In The Philippines Below Php 500! By Lhianne Lauren

I’m gonna show you how I do microblading blonde eyebrows, my brows number natural and feathered lumping none and at the same time I’m going to show you how to achieve this editorial Wing liner barmouth pop out you look Nathan gaga mass style by the way, if you want to get the products that I’ll be mentioning in this video, then I’ll be linking them down in the description box below I usually do my eyebrows first before my eye makeup and then the rest of my face because Kappa honor you eyebrows kona frame naomi capo and alam ko na Tong koala guy you other makeup or what kind of look that I want to achieve, but santa’s lap na Jung eyebrows Co so for today’s video young dynamic kona eyebrow product is from maybelline, and this is their tattoo brow ink pen and Euro ink pen nila guises how much is microblading.Shah micro fork depth, if you want to achieve you micro blading effect on your key lie but you’re you know kind of like a you wanna book by microbe, they say now that same tiger lie, oh, now you know I don’t want to experience the pain I just wanna beauty part, so allowing glam part not the pain part, so if you’re like me na gusto my achieve you natural looking bushy brows, but at the same time not going through all that shove Bang, then I absolutely recommend this to you guys and Uganda Togo because this can really achieve like hair like strokes and not a fan, yeah I also use micro eyebrow pencils to mimic hair like strokes, are you problem and Owen is throughout your use of it, the dugout you pencil and it’s not as sharp compared to when using a pen and it’s just not as fine compared to when.Using a micro fork dip and what’s also nice about using a micro work tip is much efficient chat because you’ll be able to apply for strokes in one application that’s the nice thing about it especially if you’re a beginner not only it gives natural looking hair like strokes, it’s also waterproof and smudge proof, so perfect talaga Sha now cause I mean it and we sweat a lot, it’s been raining recently, so about nolan nga Hindi ka na ba yung punky limo with maybelline tattoo brow I also want to mention a new pigment tongue tattoo brow nella I Russia built the ball and soft longshot, okay Hindi shum atop a so what’s nice about that heaney shes strong again upon application, let’s build a wall, therefore he became a tabloid now one stroke pala or upon application mu boxy nog adding naoki.Can you bet Pete kozma eyebrow pens and at the hua Lian guys, you cannot find that issue in this pen and I find that very beginner friendly when applying this clement for upward new stroke not then Hindi pa ba again always pop up when you stroke not then because again we’re mimicking you hair like strokes, you hear nothin, if you observe it mojo fix Sha vetoes are ruth and then slowly kniffin out Sha so we’re kind of mimicking that idea by applying on the root area first and then flicking it upwards you flicking motion, the yom yom a puffin out, non stroke so you need to practice that flicking movement.For my brothel area, what I do is I just naturally fill it in with the same ban I don’t necessarily apply the hair like strokes on that area, just because metro fake pneumonia and easier for me and most efficient for me to just fill it in very important for me than FT, talaga yung hair like strokes is nito sa brough head area because your new area number just parse yuki like oh you have to observe a new type of Kenya is yuki luba metro spars on just a certain area or major sparks a boom area and keel ano, you have to determine that on your own. Yeah.Yeah.And that’s it, see how easy it is to achieve natural looking feathered brows and if you want to add more unfair, browse you can add a lash adhesive and apply it on your spool e and then feather out your key lipe imus mugging texture eyes shot and bushy shot and since I felt like my look was kind of a bit bald not just Mike ely with my whole look was just missing something, so I decided to add a fun Wing, this eyeliner that I have to say from maybelline is the type of eyeliner in a punk one kind of Wing liner, so I decided to do this kind of little like double foxy Wing.Is that what you call a double foxy Wing, so what I did to achieve this Wing liner I did the usual steps I applied on the outer corner of my eyes and on the inner corner of my eyes except for the middle part to achieve the foxy I it’s important for me to not apply eyeliner on top of the iris area, it will optically look bigger and rounder conca, apply pocahontas eyeliner on top of the iris area, so I know some of you might ask pamela at the boo ya Ming put all things on new eyeliner initially redshaw, so what you can do is practice in yo to thin out your eyeliner from the outer corner to the inner corner.See guys, Nepal Delhi achieve young look NATO not only it looks glamorous and editorial and quick to do but it’s very practical because it suits our day-to-day because the products are waterproof and smudge proof, so that’s it, you guys for this quick tutorial and mini review of maybelline statue brow and back again, if you want to get the products that I mentioned on this video then I’ll be linking them down in the description box below, if you want to see me swatch and review maybelline super stay matte ink, you can click the I card right here or the link in the description box below.