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Nail Filer Electric & Electric Nail File For Thick Toenails — Pinkiou.Com

I painted my nails many many times because we’re going to make jaw breaker nails how to use electric nail file on natural nails, I mean the big balls that I used to suck for days as a child, it’s where you paint multiple layers of nail polish and then either file or drill down from the surface level so you can expose the layers underneath this technique has sometimes been referred to as geo nails, same kind of concept where you drill down and see the layers like a rock, now what isn’t always clear here is that usually the nail Tech is using gel nail polish to do this technique which means that they are able to paint each layer, and then dry it very quickly using a us lash gel lamp, this allows them to pile on the layers because each coat needs to be completely dry before you add on the next or else you’re just going to drill into a pile of mush, but the average person doesn’t have a bunch of different colors of gel nail polish or a special uv gel lamp or a drill kid at home do you know what the average person does have these days nail filer electric.Time. So I’m gonna sit here and paint my nails with regular nail polish and wait for each coat to dry this all sounds a little too.Familiar.Put on a layer of every single polish that I stopped after this one, because it’s my last holo Taco amazing hot new trends get it now on your nail, um I will not be sitting at this desk in recording the existential crisis that I experienced last time, basically live on camera I already made that video, it’s called hundred layers of nail polish a trip to polish mountain might have heard of it, instead I recorded the lengthy mail painting process already alright so.How did we get here started off with long lasting base code because I want the polish to stick to my nail and not peel off when I apply pressure from filing and then I got to brainstorming how many layers of nail polish do you need to make this work definitely not a hundred right.Right, I’ve seen a couple of examples of people attempting this with regular nail polish including a thread on reddit that turned out really well actually, but I couldn’t find an in-depth tutorial on how to do this with regular nail polish guess, that’s why I had to make one myself obviously I have a lot of nail polish.So there’s so many different layering and theme options to go with here, let’s start with the metallic foil nail I’m using the hollow Taco frosted metals collection I applied just one coat made sure it was dry and then oh, what’s that, on my other hand, look at it’s a wonderful royalty blue cram which may or may not be coming back soon, OK OK, it’s coming back soon, um.What we’re doing I waited at least ten minutes between coats of the same color to make sure that every single layer was dry, then I applied a mass thick coat, a glass of Taco, if you want your nails to dry quick and go then you need a nice thick coated glass attack I also know from doing polish mountain part two the clear adventure, the glossy Taco did dry a lot quicker than just regular nail polish so I think this will help secure the rock-hard mountain to have a layer of glossy Taco in between each shade with all my experience, I feel like I’m qualified for this job, finally my resume comes in handy after a coated glass of Taco I set my timer for a full hour before applying the next shade and then on to the next color of frost medals, you get the method now, not that anyone’s gonna repeat this sorry so 23 layers of nail polish in eight coats of glossy Taco later I ended up with this mountainous travesty, she looking like I gotta fill and I should have asked for.Let me take you through the next nail which is plain krenz started off with this green screen polish I thought for simplicity sake I should have a straight up criminal just incase diving down through the layers of complex special effects, nail polishes didn’t really translate, basically I have a problem where I just go overboard with things so, um, this is my safeguard nail against that and wow she was looking thick when I was only halfway through I did continue my daily activities while painting my nails by the way because ya girl still has things to do I did not just sit in this room for 24 hours straight on day two I woke up, went straight to paint a coat of nail polish and then I went on the treadmill for a bit, and then I went back to paint another coat or nail polish and then back on the treadmill and then back to add a glossy Taco all the while being very careful and making sure my nails dry and by the end of this one I was wearing sixteen coats of nail polish in a.Glossy tacos okay next now, rainbow hollow, you know I had to try I’m using all seven polishes from the hollow Taco linear hollow rainbow collection, we actually sell all seven of the rainbow hollows together for a bundled price isn’t that great, you can do this with them, if you want I did two coats of each linear hollow I started with the blue and then came back to finishing with the blue for a total of sixteen coats of nail polish and eight coats a glassy Taco, then I had to try a multi Chrome, now I started off with some blue ain’t slick and what is what is going on here, what is that a messy hair, we gotta paint it out, has that ever happened to you have to just paint the hair out, good thing I’m adding 800 layers on top because no one will notice anyways in case you didn’t know, multi Chrome nail polish shifts colors, depending on the angle of the light, so I thought how cool would that be, if after you drilled down to reveal the layers, they each shifted in color thought it could turn out.An optical illusion I want to look into all the layers of the earth’s core, and then I can finally say look the tectonic plates are shifting, even my grade eight science teacher is cringing at that one, so I did three coats of each multi Chrome polish and she was definitely looking like a mini polish mountain on that pointer finger with that little cliff edge to finish it off I added two coats of one coat black on top I thought that would be cool to discover the multi Chrome’s through the black and that was a total of twenty layers of nail polish and seven glossy tacos you know I was keeping track every step of the way because it was very easy to forget how many layers I’d applied and what color I was on alright last step, we’ve got the thumbnail, the most important part.If you ask the Youtube algorithm I also use black as the base because it helps the unicorn skins pop more when they’re layered over black I used all six unicorn skins from hollow Taco, we now have the full rainbow in these iridescent flake ease, thank you by the way everyone for your support of the unicorn dream collection, we are now sold out of the limited edition collector’s box set, and this is what layering three of them looks like though, and I got to try this for real as a real manicure as opposed to this fake manicure, so two coats of each unicorn skin look, wow it looks so pretty, wow, I’m also adding two coats of flaky hollow Taco because I want to and finally topping this one off with two coats of not milky white so that the nail really looks like some magic white opal that glows from within, and also I guess because jaw breakers start as white on the outside right and so that was eighteen coats.Nail polish and nine coats of glossy Taco overall I painted these over the course of two and a half days and as I sit here right now I painted the last layer yesterday so that the mini mountains got to sit overnight and I hope they are 100% dry, if you’re wondering how they feel they do feel a bit thick but they’re not that heavy I guess, that’s because I’ve had heavier they’re fun to type with. Okay, I’m scared I’m not going to use a drill because these are my natural nails and we don’t want an accident, so I’m gonna try this course and reboard nail file OK, let’s just do a corner don’t mind that other nail polish I was doing tests on a swatch stick that was still wet, so far I can see three different layers of the earth, let’s go deeper, this does kind of hurt, my nail underneath, though I can feel the pressure should ask okay okay I lied, we are going to use a drill, it was taking too long to prepare for my nails down in the comments.I wonder if they’ll get my exam off I’m disgusted I never use these things, because obviously I’m not not a licensed nail technician if you hadn’t realised that but I know okay low speed, low speed ready help scalp from going Meredith, my pinky is vibrating without doing anything now and we’re gonna move on to the crib now, yeah yeah to the next level levels levels levels wow wow, oh my god, like so cool, it’s fun, you can kind of manipulate how much of each layer is showing.’s a whole other art form, zat is so cool, the miser coming out out work safety hazard.Oh, are you supposed to push it all the way, clearly I didn’t take the training for this course breakthrough the glassy Taco we’re making great progress, just keep going, look at that molten core we’re doing great things for science here.Oh god, oh god, what did I start with is that my nail got not gonna use z’s are natural nails and one on accident.ZA..I think I’m gonna need to take a break.I think this profession isn’t for me.By that, I mean like construction work, maybe don’t try this at home, it’s dangerous, OK you gotta be careful, okay, let’s see the next nail smoky Chrome go home stop because I’m scared let’s do the last nail wow who needs the discovery channel when you’ve got simply nai logical that is cool, that is really cool.Look, it’s a rare artifact, it’s simply mythological doing nail art, okay.I think I’m gonna put this drill away because as fun as it is it’s easy to get carried away overall I think I like the idea behind these nails more than the end result in execution because if I’m being honest they’re still very chunky, they still feel very thick and maybe it’s just me and my lack of skills and drilling, but the grading between the surface layer and the inner bedrock, you know isn’t the smoothest should have had a geo technical survey done on my nails, now let’s see what happens when I add a nice thick coat of glossy Taco, it’s like painting inside a hole I think my favorite nail is actually the crumb nail because it looks the most classic like a jaw breaker, the rainbow hollow nail has the most potential to be done well, a just don’t drill too far the opal unicorn skin nail definitely wins for the wow factor.