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Is Microblading A Tattoo | Glamiara Microblading Effect Pen Review!

We are comparing benefits microblading face, brow pen Vs maybelline, brow pen, a lot of you guys have been telling me about this product I get that the concept is very similar so we’re gonna try it out before I get into the product, let’s roll the intro’s are both the product concept is basically to mimic the brow hair with strokes and the way they function the way they’re supposed to be used is very similar as well, the difference will probably be in the formula and the design of the pen which I’ll give you guys a closer look so the maybelline tattoo brow, a pen featuring a micro forked tip applicator that creates hair like strokes for brows that last all days full natural brows might prove long lasting ink yadi ya, dad and in how to use specifically bad microblading eyebrows.He says start with clean brows a line micro teen tip across brow, create hair like lines starting at brough base fueling spas area, hereby hair shaped tail for maybelline ‘s, um, this brow pen, there’s two colors and as for benefit I think it comes in four different shade of basically light brown to dark brown I don’t think it’s enough color for red hair out there there’s no color for you, so the shade range both of them I think is a little like f whereas for the price, we’re looking at almost triple quadruple, the price, so there is a huge difference, they’re moving on to benefit they are basically the expert in brow area, and I have tried so many of their products and I love it and micro feeling pain is definitely one of them especially for my day-to-day look I really liked the natural look and I like how it is so easy and convenient and so quick to do so micro filling pen creates the illusion of natural brow hair with three ultra fine lines in a single stroke.It’s designed to blend in with existing hair filling gaps and make brows, appear the easy to apply formula of this brow pen looks natural and is waterproof smudge proof and long wearing creating a micro bladed effect that lasts for 24 hours, I’ve used this product so many times where when I go out for my content and so far it has been all right, um I saw in the comments that some people are saying that it won’t basically there won’t be any ink coming out, but I don’t think that is true so far for me, it has worked however on the maybelline side literally.Kid you not from this brow to this brow I already couldn’t draw anything like nothing was coming out, um, this brow was so beautiful like the hair stroke was there was so precise and I went to doing this brow and just nothing will come out, but to be fair I did do my brow after the foundation, so I think that’s where it went wrong, if you want to use these products you should do your brows first, then do the foundation later letter, but I just find it easier to.Like that’s how that’s my routine that my sequence that I do my brows after the foundation and for the micro feeling pen, it works better than maybelline when it comes to this, if I want to do in that steps foundation first, then proud first but if you’re just someone that want to try this kind of concept, you don’t know if you like it, then I suggest you can just get the maybelline one just to try it because there is a little bit of a learning curve there you need to get used to for both of this product you have to hold your pan very differently, so instead of flicking like this, you kind of have to do.From all the way up because of the ink, you need to give it basically other physics stuff to let the ink weight gravity yes, gravity, um to let the ink a drip so I think that is a little unnatural in my opinion by if you can get used to it, maybe just get the maybelline first and see if you can get used to it, and if you really like it, then you can upgrade it with benefits product so first round of benefit Vs maybelline, which one one I definitely think I really like this product compared to this I like the concept, this is my first time trying this concept so I’m very impressed and I’m just very lazy when it comes to day-to-day makeup, so I love this, it’s fast it’s quick, but like I said, um I would only really use this for day-to-day wear for content kind of stuff for my g content and whatever take talk content I tend to still lean towards the hole.