Shaltura (Şaydura, Şaltura, Şalturı) natural boundary; alt. shadyra / shadra – to make a rumble, crackle, shaldrak – knock, clattering.


What you see in the photo is not Shaltura: it depicts valleys of rivers Akkol and Karaoyuk in the place of their confluence. Where sharp stone slopes of Beltirdu end, white with clay glacier water of Akkol merges with crystal clear water of Karaoyk. Shaltura is a kind of elevated natural boundary where a photo of this perspective was made.

It is located above the mark of 2700 meters at sea level (the highest mark of the plateau lies at around 2900m above the sea level). The place is very close to the glaciers, so there is snow almost all year round. Short summer period comes with blooming edelweiss and groups of grazing yaks.

Shaltra opens terrific views of Altai vastnesses.

On the way there and back you will see lots of interesting things: white clays of the Chagan Uzun valley, huge moraines, mountains cracked by the earthquake, summer pastures in alpine meadows, curly rocks carved with petroglyphs, countless passes, descents and rises…



It is basically the car route. But if you`re aimed at making stunning photos of the scenery from above you will have to spend some time climbing up to the point of shooting.

Route: camping “Tydtuyaryk” – pos. Chagan-Uzun – White clay – Beltir village – ur. Shaltra – Imel valley – Chagan valley – camping “Tydtuyaryk”. The route is laid in the form of a ring, to be more precise – a figure-of-eight form.