We strongly recommend our guests to try local and international dishes that we offer at our camp restaurant. It is open from June 1 till September 30. Trust us on that, meals we cook are good just like at home – traditionally we serve big portions of simple, tasty and nutritious food. You can choose various service options depending on your itinerary.
P.S. We DO cook for vegetarians. Let us know in advance and we will offer you an alternative lunch/dinner cooked without any meat products.

Full package

If you don’t want to bustle about cooking and washing your dishes but want to stay in the camp for a whole day or more, let us offer you a

  • breakfast + lunch + dinner package – 1000 rubles per person per day

NB: Please pay attention that breakfast, lunch and dinner time is:

  • breakfast – 8:30 till 9:30,
  • lunch– с 13:30 till 14:30,
  • dinner – 19:00 till 20:00.

Don`t be late!

or you can choose just what you need:

  • breakfast– 250 rubles
  • lunch – 400 rubles
  • dinner – 400 rubles

Share your dinner with travel mates

You’ve reached the most exotic part of Altai, so trying some local specialties would definitely be a right move. We offer you very simple and, at the same time, “very local” dishes:

Beshbarmak and Shurpa

There are a lot of recipes for both but we make it as we make it. Beshbarmak is made locally on special events and is served in a large plate to be shared by all guests. Shurpa is served to all dinner companions in individual bowls. The ingredients are simple as life of nomads: meat, dough, onions. In our restaurant beshbarmak is served with salad made of fresh vegetables (sweet pepper, tomatoes, cucumbers), tea (traditional Kazakhstan tea, Mongolian tea with milk, Altai tea with talkan (barley, corn and wheat etc.) and various sweet things for a dessert.
As Beshbarmak is made and served for the whole party its price depends on how big the party is and starts from 700 rubles per person.


Food we make for a guided tour

When we take a one-day tour we usually take with us pre-made “Chef’s Lunch”. Taking chef`s lunch saves precious time, maintains good spirit and energy. It includes tea, cold refreshments and other goodies.

  • Chef’s Lunch for a guided tour – 250 rubles per person .