Kyzylchin altai

Kyzyl Chin

  • Kyzyl Chin (Kyzyl-Chan, Kyzyl-Shin) river, natural boundary; dr.tursk. kysyl – gorge, gorge; alt. chin / shyn – a deep ditch between two steep mountains. Kyzil Chin – a deep ditch in a gorge. It is also quite probable that the term derives from Turkic kyzyl in modern meaning of «red».

It`s not known yet since when it became customary to call this place «Mars». Indeed, landscape here is strikingly different from any other. The outlets of colored clay paint the slopes with tabby stains of the most unexpected colors. From purple, through all shades of red and green to almost white – like a tie-died hippie t-shirt. If you have enough desire and skill, you can try to find beautiful crystals of smoky quartz and other minerals. For those who crave to make beautiful photos: the best lighting comes here at daybreak. A good reason to wake up earlier

On our way to «Mars» we will make a stop on the «Moon» : silver-white valley of Chagan-Uzun keeps lots of secrets…

The tour includes not only a trip to Mars: along the way we will make several photo-pauses, see Scythian and Turkic barrows, Bronze Age balbas and rock carvings. booking