Janterek colorful beauty

Janterek, Jaaterek. алт. Jaan – big, senior, respectable; terek— poplar) — big poplar

  • The river flowing from the Kuray Range
  • The peak of the Kuray Range is 3402 m.
  • On the map of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense  m45-17

Someone is misleading. Either the map or the navigator.

As it often happens in the Altai, and not only here, one and the same name can be worn at once by a river, valley, peak, and a group of ridges. That is why in this case Yanterek is both a river and a summit.

Judging by the name, the river was first named so and indeed in its middle and lower reaches the valley of the river is a picturesque poplar grove with a dry riverbed in the middle.

But quite another thing is in the upper reaches of the river and on the top of Yanterek, where not a single tree can be found.

Well, that is another story. And we suggest you revealing it…


This is definitely a pedestrian route. Moreover, the mountain-pedestrian. What would it be to stand up and go have to be self-confident. Elevations, kurumnik, steep slopes – in general, it’s not so simple.

The route starts at the camping site, but the first few kilometers must be driven by car. It accordingly affects the price, so …