Altai Yurt,  double

Irbistu (from Altai “Irbis” – snow leopard, “Tuu” – stone, mountain) is a 3967 meters high mountain peak of South Chuisky mountain range.


This yurt  was made according to traditions of Telengits (nation of southern Altai) and bought by the camping in the neighboring village. It’s a real dwelling of nomads: the yurt is tested by time and has its own history. It is also one of the warmest yurts in our camping because of its walls are filled with felt which was produced just the same way as Altai people used to make it centuries ago.

“Irbistu” is placed in seclusion very close to the river. The yurt is spacious, with a big double bed in the middle. If needed we can add a few more sleeping places.