English lake Киндыктикуль

Kindiktikool  – a lake at the very border

The name of the lake varies in different maps but it derives from Altaic “kindik” – a navel and “kyool” – a lake, that is, “a lake with a navel string”.
By the way, the name of Khindyktikol Lake in Tyva means the same.

Kindiktikool is a lake system, there are several of them: a big one, a small one and a few more – higher in the mountains. Kindiktikool is right under the slope of Tchikhachev Ridge by peaks of which the Russian-Mongolian border is demarcated. The glacier lakes that we’ve mentioned above are in that mountains, so it is worth travelling. It’s hard, however, to match good weather window and the time available for good photos but still it is worth trying.
So, let’s go!