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A journey to the border of distance and time

 The ancient trade route makes its way through the gorges and valleys of the Altai Mountains like a bed of a mighty river. Weeks, months were needed to overcome it in the last century. Now the way is compressed into a few hours of not very tiring trip.
Cherga, Shebalino, Onguday are the old trading outposts along the way. There are still visible traces of the «old» way. So many adventures seemed to be from the old Chiket or crazy openings along the river Chuja. Caravans of packed camels and horses transported tea and silk to the country Shibir there. But it’s all in the past. Nowadays the road is quite comfortable. By Russian standards it is modern and incredibly picturesque. Crossing the Katun near the Ust-Sema you leave behind the tourist bustle of the Chemal and gain new status — you become traveller! And your journey turns into travel! You meet less and less hostels and camps. Everyday convenience replaces by inconvenience that is compensated by the scenery of the extraordinary strength.

By car

Move on highway R256 up to 871 km. There you will see that pointer. It will be on your left. Go on the knurled steppe road. It used to mark the way with pyramids of stones in these places. You have to drive through 1.5 km by preserved segment of the old «Chuyskij tract» to a small descent and you are on the spot.



qr-maps If on your way to the camping you would rather follow the prompts of navigator then use these coordinates: 50° 4′ 24.61″ N 88° 25′ 20.14″ E – or enter the name of one of two nearest settlements: Ortolyk or Chagan-Uzun. The camping is equidistant from both (about 10 kilometers). The village of Kosh-Agach is also a good landmark – we`re just 20 kilometers from it.
Or use trendy QR-code.

We can organize a transfer to the camping

You can easily get to the Golden Camel camping from any of these Siberian cities: Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk. If the only obstacle on your way here is the fact that you`re not familiar with local language, or not sure you can find a proper bus/taxi driver, or just have no illusions about your brilliant talent of getting lost in new places then we can organize for you a transfer from any of these three cities. Let us know in advance and we will find a good driver with affordable prices. It is easy for us, free for you and definitely saves your time and nerves)

Google or Yandex

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