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Bad Microblading Eyebrows | Eyebrow Tutorial For Sparse Brows + Milani Weekend Brow Review

So for this week’s review are going to be testing out the new benefit micro filling pen bad microblading eyebrows, this is a type of product I’ve actually done a review on before I think I’ve actually done two if I’m not mistaken, there was one for the l’oreal micro filling brow pen thingy ma jiggy, and there was also a maybelline version as well I will link those above, if you haven’t already seen them, but in today’s video I’m gonna be testing out the new benefit version, this is a little bit more of a high-end type of product it’s slightly more on the expensive side retails for around about twenty to fifty online and install depending on where you get it can maybe be slightly more expensive or slightly cheaper, browse around people shop smarter not harder, make sure if you haven’t already that you subscribe to this channel, but do not forget to turn your notifications on to be told every time I post as well as follow me on my socials because I post a lot, keep pics on there of like makeup looks that I do as well as hinting up products that I’m going to be reviewing next so on the packaging for this product, it says it has three different lengths of bristle to kind of mimic hair like strokes, it’s also smudge proof is microblading permanent.Last 24 hours as well as being easy to apply this is the box that the product comes in a really nice packaging I picked up for myself, the deep brown shade just because my brows are more on the darker side they are looking how a little bit ashy in the camera just because I think I applied my makeup and some of it went on my brows, I’ll just quickly zoom in and show you what my brows look like naturally as excuse, the choice of lashes I don’t know what I was thinking as you can see my brows are relatively full, however they are quite sparse in just some areas especially at the front and there’s like some patches, I mean I’m quite blessed in the brow department right now it did take a lot of growing though not gonna lie to you, so this is the packaging for the pen up close.And as you can see, this is the bristle heads, it’s kind of a slanted motion just to kind of help you get that variation, I’m just gonna do a couple of brushes on the back of my hand oh.It’s a lot lighter than I was expecting like formula wise like you can almost.I’ve completely rubbed that away off of my hand after I’ve applied it that’s not a good start. So if you squint really hard, you can see all the little lines on the back of my hand, I’m not gonna lie it’s a lot fairer on the back of my hand than I was expecting I’m kind of a bit worried that maybe the type of ink and the formula that it’s got might not show up on my brows, I’m really hoping that it does because I do really like benefit products, now that it’s had time to dry though I’m rubbing the back of my hand and even though it’s still very faint.It hasn’t actually rubbed away I think the hairs on the back of my hand are more prominent and thicker than the strokes from this pen, I’m already thinking to myself, how is this gonna go, I’ve got my trusty giant oversize and overly heavy mirror just so that I can see what I’m doing, I’m going to zoom you and see what’s going on on my brows call my lashes literally look crazy today, so I had the brow pen here it’s super light which I quite like.Just gonna go in and try and create strokes.So as you can see on this part here it’s created a really nice tale to my brow which I’m quite surprised about kind of got a little bit lost in this part here because my brows are quite thick, however, they are slightly gap e in some places, I’m now going to try it on the front of my brow just to see how much of a difference actually makes.Yeah.Yeah. For you.So as you can see through the tail of my brow here, I’ve just done some hair like strokes and obviously they’re not blended very well like on my part, but you can definitely see where they’ve left the lines and just made the brown look a bit thicker eyebrow even though the difference is very subtle, you can see the difference between the brow not done Vs done this one’s a lot darker a lot Fuller and I’m really impressed with the way that it filled out the tail of my brow, this brow here it’s still looking ashy as hell but I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this like benefit you have me a bit worried for a second I thought maybe this was gonna be like the first product that I really didn’t like from you guys, but you can definitely see the difference especially far away of what my brows look like done.I’m not done I wish I could lift my brown this side but it’s like this side had botox and this one doesn’t I haven’t ever had fell on my face, just F Y I let’s not start that conversation not that there’s anything wrong with it I’m just saying I haven’t had it done, oh my god, here we go lift.Nah, it’s okay, just a couple more swatches on the back of my hand next to the original ones as you can see the original ones were there and then the new ones are there I think now because I’ve used a pen and the ink has had a chance to kind of go through the entirety of the felt tip more if the product has come through and had a chance to actually break through the initial like dryness I guess that maybe was that I have a feeling that this brow is gonna go a lot better than the first one just purely because of that reason I’m going to assume you back again, and we’re gonna start hitting the second brow go I hate how different my brows are like it’s probably not noticeable to other people, but they are def oh in distant cousins.Look at z difference, that’s already made to the front of my brow.This brow has always been renowned for being sparse the front just gonna brush through my brow as they do kind of look a little bit ashy from the amount of foundation that’s probably in them.It looks now like an overgrown brow instead of just the tamed one hang on I gotta fix this okay there’s definitely right about the smudge proof thing, um I left it too long in between making the mistake and trying to fix the mistake looking in the viewfinder, my brows look killer dough like this one is always better than this one it’s just it’s pure facts, nothing else this one’s looking slightly ashy as stills, I’m just gonna go in and like fill it in a bit more because the more you use this the incorrect gets which is completely the opposite from what I recall happening with the other one that I did a review on I think as you went on it just got drier and drier, just as it mixed naturally with the foundation, if anything this seems to be going the other way, I’m kind of with it okay, so this is my brows completely done I would say I’m relatively happy with how they look I’m just going to zoom you in quickly, so you guys can kind of see up close, what is going on my face, so this is my brow, as you can see he’s looking at chunky at the front and also thick at the back looks way thicker on the tail of my brow.Now here you can see at the strokes, I’ve done it on purpose like this so you guys can see it over the last few times when I’ve done reviews similar to this, you guys have been like you can barely see it, it’s like the ink gets swallowed up in your browser, a hundred percent agree with you, which is why I did it like that so you guys can kind of see it does apply really well over foundation to which is a bonus and like I said it was a lot inky or of a formula than, I expected, which is really great because a lot of the time when you are using key products on top of your foundation, they can kind of dry up or mix up and congeal onto the tip of whatever product brush, but I remember it happening with the l’oreal version, the maybelline one I remember being more on the drier side too even though those ones are more affordable than the benefit one I feel like with anything sometimes with brands you do get what you pay for, I’m just gonna quickly assume you enter my other brows that we can compare this brow actually looks more natural than the other one I was quite impressed with how the ink enos of the pen really helped thicken up the front of my.Wow, without making it look blocky, so to summarize this video I did actually really enjoy using the benefit micro filling pen, it was a lot better than I was expecting it to be I’m not gonna lie I was a little bit underwhelmed at the start just by seeing the initial strokes like I mentioned like four times now as it went on with using the product weirdly it got inky a instead of dryer packaging is on trend with all of the other benefit products, they have a style they run with it, it works for them I love that it’s a lot lighter than the products that I have on their ranges before all of the brow, precise pencils that I’ve had I think that’s what they call remember I really liked the one with a very thin tip to the pencil, those were all quite weighty and packaging to however this one has kind of taken a different route, but the packaging is made out of plastic or glass or metal or whatever it doesn’t change the performance of the product, I’m not disappointed, I’m just surprised that benefit went for that route, if anything, maybe it’s just to help with performance, maybe something that you need to use a lighter hand with then actually this might be the pipe.Perfect reasoning as to why, as I said I have used products before similar to this, this is more of a higher end option that are sort of like drugstore versions of this like the l’oreal the maybelline by quite like this I think the quality of it is really good as I said I was very pleasantly surprised that the formula stayed as inky as it did I don’t know if inky’s the right word I think it might be because it kind of isn’t key I found myself repurchasing the drugstore version quite a few times like more regularly than I would do with any normal brow products I have though maybe spending out a little bit on say the benefit one if you do it use this type of product on your brows quite religiously just because they were dry out so quickly, maybe spending a little bit more on saving benefit version might do better because it’s a lot inky or of a formula but yeah that was just a quick review on the new benefit brow filling pen, if you enjoyed this, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, so I know it really does help me out a lot, I’ll make sure to leave a link in the description to this product in case you want to try it out for yourself, along with me.