Another planet

Amazing place in Mountain Altai.

To your representation- «Gold Camel» camping, located in the center of Mountain Altai, on a joint of borders of four states: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China.

On our site we will tell you about the camping.    You will be able to learn more about sights, about local inhabitants and their customs.    We will tell you WHAT it is possible to look here and WHERE you should aspire

We call these territories — «A LITTLE BIT ANOTHER PLANET»


The trip around these places, is always more than simply holidays spent in a far beautiful location. It is always both: travel and adventure. Big or small — it will depend on you. And we will help you, to carry out the conceived plans and to think up the new ones. Ridges and the valleys lying between them, falls and  rivers with transparent water, crystal-clear lakes and steppes blown by all winds. It is truly a unique place on the earth. The place where borders of four states, primordial lands of formation of mighty steppe ethnos meet.

 Look! Choose! Come !

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We guarantee that you will understand why we call this place: WOW — yes, it is ANOTHER PLANET!

  •  Look at what we think could be interesting in our camping: What to see and Where it is worth going?
  •  If you want, something to be specified , call and write to us: Our contacts
  •  Well, and if no questions are remain, order, reserve, we will wait for you: Booking and Order

You can use our camping as a base with which it is convenient to carry out sorties in the territory «ANOTHER PLANET». Believe us, here we have what to look at and what to eat, moreover, there is what to be engaged with.

If you travel to Tyva, Mongolia, or on a Ukok Plateau, our camp site is just for you.

Here you can:

  •  stop on a lodging for the night and live as long as you wish
  • order alunch or a dinner for all company.
  • be washed in the BAN! (We have the best bath in the Kosh-Agachsky area)
  • go together with us on the Safari
  • listen to folklore musicians



The border check-point in the village Tashanta works from 9 to 17 o’clock, there are not any hotels and campings. If you want to cross the border, and you don’t manage to make it in one day, it is better to stop on a lodging for the night before entrance to a border area.


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The place where the camping, is called the natural boundary Tydtuyaryk

There are two variants of translation of the word Tydtuyaryk:

• The interpretation accepted today among the locals: »Tydtuyaryk» — the poplar gorge.

• »tittu» — with the larches, having larches; »jарык» — the gorge. Thus »Tyttu-Jaryk» — literally the gorge with larches.

Both interpretation justify themselves — a poplar and a larch grow on stream coast much.


p/s/the English and German versions of the site is limited in comparison with Russian-speaking edition.

 Welcome !

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