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Airbrush Stencils >> How To Airbrush For The Complete Beginner

It’s very easy to assemble first you’ll want to attach the air hose to the compressor airbrush foundation, take one end and attach it to the white piece coming out of the right side of the compressor, this is where airbrushing.Air is going to come out next you’ll want to attach your moisture trap, this is optional, but recommended the moisture trap is going to make sure that no extra moisture gets into your air brush gun either through humidity in the environment or condensation through the hose from the compressor next open up your gun container you’ll notice there are three things there’s the air brush gun itself, also a dropper that you can use to add color to the well instead of adding straight from the bottle, if you prefer this method and you’re also going to find a tiny wrench that you’re gonna wanna hang onto in case you ever need to take your air brush gun apart to clean it, but for now we’re gonna put those aside next you want to attach the gun to the other end of the rubber hose.And the final step is to plug it in so attach one end to your compressor, and then plug the other end into your electrical outlet now you’re ready to start using your air brush to turn it on press the white button on the front and you can adjust the air pressure by turning the dial to the left for less pressure or to the right for more pressure the cookie countess air brush system is a single action air brush system meaning that when you turn the compressor on you’ll always feel air coming out of the gun, the color won’t come back until you pull back on the trigger, I’m using my thumb to pull it back, but some people find it more comfortable to use their pointer finger. Next let’s add some air brush color, it’s always a good idea to start practicing, I’m just a piece of paper or a piece of paper towel you’ll want to get a feel for how your air brush gun sprays here I’m using the dinky doodle brand color, and it is sky blue matte, so I’m going to pour a little bit into my well and I’m going to start practicing with my gun, so again you’ll always feel air coming out, but the colour won’t come out until you pull back on the trigger, it’s a great idea to just practice on a piece of paper towel and get a feel for how much color comes out when you pull back and how much color hits the page, the closer you are to it versus how far away you are from it, if you want broad even strokes, stay a little.Further away, if you’re going for fine lines you want to get a little closer and play with the pressure on the dial and play with the amount that you pull back the trigger, this makes a really big difference when air brushing the more you experiment and get comfortable with your gun, the more success you’ll have when you’re rushing now let’s try some stencil and I’m going to use the same blue, we just used and stencil, this cookie with our art deco stencil, I’m using the stencil genie to place it in and pop it over the cookie, this is a great way to hold your stencil in place while your air brushing and working on top of a cookie sheet just to protect my counter, you can put down some wax paper or use a utility match anything that makes you comfortable and I always spray a.A bit on two pieces paper towel before I get started just to make sure the airflow and everything is working as it should be, and then start by air brushing your cookie I like to stay about six to seven inches away from the surface of the cookie and aim as straight down as you can instead of coming at it from the side, this will help you get really crisp lines when you’re sensing you’ll notice I’m taking my time in getting the color down, so instead of trying to get a lot of color in one spot at once, you’ll have more luck if you do light coats and go back and forth once you’re done, place the gun back in the holder and carefully remove your sensible isn’t that beautiful, it’s such a great way to add gorgeous designs, your cookies and other treats next let’s clean the air brush, you’re gonna want to jump out or spray out any remaining color and then you can add either water or air brush cleaner to the well of you.I usually do this over a sink just adding water straight from the faucet, but if you’re not working near a sink a little squeeze bottle is a great way to add water and just keep running the water through your gun until it runs clean once it starts running clean and then only air is coming.