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15 Top Backend Technologies to Learn in 2022

As of November 2021, Python developers made an average of $108,824/year in the US. As of November 2021, Ruby developers made https://globalcloudteam.com/ an average of $115,515/year in the US. As of November 2021, .NET developers made an average of $94,124/year in the US.

Backend Technologies

CPU-intensive operations diminish all the advantages of Node.js and decrease performance. Some examples of CPU-intensive software products are video games or heavy video and image processing apps . The non-blocking nature of the Node.js backend makes it perfect for applications that read and write a lot of data, a.k.a. I/O intensive. Let’s say that a request that has arrived needs to query a database. The thread will handle that request and put it in the event queue, which is monitored in the background. Without waiting for a response, Node.js will use the same thread to service the next request while monitoring the event queue to respond to the first request.

Working Process

We have prepared a concise list of backend technologies for a quick overview. The following list contains the top 10 backend technologies 2021. MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database application. MongoDB, a NoSQL database application, employs documents that resemble JSON with alternative schemas. MongoDB was created by MongoDB Inc. and is distributed under the Server Side Public License, which some distributions consider non-free.

  • Full-stack developers may build websites and online apps that work on both the client and the server.
  • In other words, PaaS facilitates the backend developers with both software and hardware resources to deploy, host & build the server-side of an application.
  • The building blocks of software development are the backend technologies.
  • Conciseness Python’s motto is concise yet expressive coding that reduces the coding time and allows developers to execute the same operations with fewer code lines.
  • Create a dedicated team of developers, designers, and IT consultants with the right skills and experience.
  • The key differences between the two are the differences in popularity and the tools in Ruby’s language.
  • However, our QA department team did their best to perform manual testing and ensure that everything is done correctly.

Therefore, products are fairly priced, and we want to keep it that way. To prevent price gouging, we carefully screen our inquiries and are not publishing our prices on this website. They have sold high-quality products successfully in Europe and other countries, where they have had much better success in preventing the spread of the Corona virus. The company maintains R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Pennsylvania, where they work around the clock to achieve their high product quality. Our software development cost is budget-friendly, as we have set various rates so that all forms of business can easily afford it. Our end-to-end project management practice, daily and weekly reports and technical experts will help you to deliver the project in time with high-quality standards.

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It requires just a one-time setup, and after that, you can deploy each change you make to the production system with a single command from the command interface. Spring Boot solves this issue by providing a set of dependencies that saves time and trouble. Since Perl is syntactically similar to other widely used languages, it is easier to code and learn in Perl. Programs can be written in any text editor, such as Notepad++. Java is faster in compilation than Kotlin when it comes to clean builds of android applications.

Backend Technologies

An innovative interaction path is created between the incompatible components of an application to enable users to access each provided service in an effortless manner. You don’t have to stress yourself thinking about completing such complex tasks with perfection, as Positiwise is available with its 24/7 backend development services to help you out. We have different teams for each procedure, who are capable to assess your business requirements and furnish a vigorous solution for achieving long-term targets.

Which backend technologies should you learn first?

This presents an exciting intersection of frontend and backend technologies, as JavaScript is traditionally only used on the frontend, client-side part of a web application. Therefore, you should consider mastering backend programming languages such as Javascript, Golang, or Python to be well-versed and marketable. JetBrains introduced Kotlin as a backend programming language for Android applications in 2011.

These guarantee speed, scalability and quickly respond to user queries. Frontend innovations ensure the reasonableness of cyber threats and information rollouts. To help you become a PRO, this article focuses on the fundamentals of frontend and backend technologies to build apps in a way that both developers and non-developers can understand.

Backend Technologies

Our Javascript developers effectively use Node.JS to convey the most ideal programming solutions with the most extravagant technique, best execution, and easy-to-understand interface. We are effectively helping our worldwide clients across different businesses like banking, medical services, and many more to boost their productivity. This article focuses on the trending backend technologies list that has gained momentum in 2021 and shall continue to reign in 2022. Before we have a look at those, let us have a glance at what backend development means.

Support Critical Tasks through an Astonishing Dynamical Architecture

Python has been consistently ranked to be the most popular programming language by the PYPL programming language index. A statically typed, general purpose programming language that’s designed to be fully interoperable with Java. A flexible programming language packed with features, suitable for quick prototyping, extensive development and anything in between.

Backend Technologies

A copy of every database change is actually retained in the Cloud Firestore. Oracle is a company that owns both the Enterprise “Oracle” database as well as the partially open-source MySQL. Used by just 11.5% of developers, it’s not as customizable as MySQL, but it is better for a higher degree of scalability. It’s not set up to do whatever you want, it’s set up to do a few limited things with larger databases and more interactions, and with a larger concurrency pool than MySQL. However, the tradeoff is that it only supports a limited set of data types .

Our PHP developers help develop dynamic versatile, high-end solutions ranging from flexible websites to multipurpose ERP designs and upgrades. Backend development is the process of arranging data and assuring that the website works fine at the user end. Our designers work on a set of backend languages for programming to ensure that the user stays on your website for a longer duration. It does not need specific libraries or tools and hence it is termed as a micro framework. There is no form validation, database abstraction layer, or any pre-existing library.

Services to Build, Host & Deploy A Backend

Django follows the model-template-views architectural pattern. Some of the popular websites that are using Django are – Instagram, Mozilla, Pinterest, etc. If you want to get into web development using Python – you can surely give it a try to Django.

Top 12 Backend Technologies To Look For In 2022

The best part of this feature is its lightweight and non-blocking nature that allows developers to use millions of Goroutines without negatively affecting the system. Backend development tools Golang is open-source and provides a multitude of different development tools for your project. You can use open-source editors, IDEs, and plugins that you can access through the GitHub repository, as well as online communities where Golang developers will answer your questions.

However, what is the distinction when it comes to backend vs. frontend developers? In this part, we will discuss the skills and responsibilities of backend developers, and what separates them from frontend technologies experts. PHP stands for Hypertext Interaction between backend and frontend Preprocessor and is a server-side scripting language, meaning that programs created in it execute on web servers and are not dependent on an online browser. Rasmus Lerdorf is the creator of PHP, and its first version appeared in 1995.

Here we will discuss What are the Best Backend Technologies We Should Learn ? Frontend and backend are two of the most commonly used terms in the computer business, and they’ve become buzzwords in their own right. They determine the type of software developer work you do, the technologies you employ, and how much you get paid. While front-end development focuses on making websites and web applications seem good on the client, back-end development focuses on making similar apps look good on the server. These services are the foundation of any program, and they may be accessed and utilized by both server-side and client-side rendering apps. Besides the already mentioned backend programming languages and frameworks, there are other tools, databases, and backend technologies in web development that are worth your attention.

PHP developers argue it is better to use PHP with MySQL and Linux Apache for a smooth development process. According to the 2020 Developer Survey of Stack Overflow, it is the most wanted back-end technology that developers want to learn. Yes, it is the fourth year in a row where developers want to learn Python as a priority. The Developer Survey of Stack Overflow also presents that 69.7% of professional developers voted in favor of JavaScript as the most popular technology. Authentication —Back4App has made it very convenient for developers to deal with user management systems. It provides session control, email verification, encrypted passwords, login through social media accounts and much more.


It has good error handling capabilities and offers great features for creating different types of apps. It has flexibility, robustness, and faster server execution making it one of the most desirable backends. It does not have any middleware and is termed the next-gen NodeJS framework. The usage of ES6 generators ensures a smaller number of call-backs with async code at the backend. Scala is a relatively small language with a steep learning curve.

Unlike MySQL, which allows processes to manipulate binaries and database files directly, MSSQL requires users to run an instance to do that. Rust is a newbie on the backend development scene, but it’s the most beloved language for the seventh year running – ever since its inception. It’s open source, it has rich libraries, and it’s one of the fastest languages around. Meta is notable for being quick to jump on the Rust bandwagon, having used it since 2016. Go is the fastest-growing and most-desired backend language, used by companies like Uber, YouTube, and Spotify.

You can easily detect codes at compile time which can be resolved before running the code. C++ is an object-oriented programming language designed to have a low level of system dependence. C++ is so compatible with C that it will probably compile over 99% of C programs without changing a line of source code. Though C++ is a well-structured and safer language than C, it is Object-Oriented Programming based. Now that we’ve answered the question, «what are backend technologies,» it’s time to look at the list of 15 top backend technologies to learn in 2022.