What is Banja? Everyone should try it once in a lifetime!

Our Banja described in few words: the best in Kosh-Agach area

Banja is a “particular local type of sauna” as Wiki says, but we’ve seen it many times that our guest forget the international “sauna” and quickly learn Russian word “banja” after a visit to our steam room (pronounced “parilka” if you want to go further with your Russian).
Banya is the best place to wash off hot dust of the roads or steam out piercing frost of your ascents.

  • One hour in our Banja is just 500 rubles.
  • For those, who understand – a brook is just 50 meters away.
  • Capacity… it depends on what you are used to, but in fact there’s enough space for 6-7 people at a time.



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