Guided motor-tours in Kosh-Agach

IMPORTANT:  Kosh-Agach region is a near-border territory. Please note that an ID (passport) will be required for unimpeded travel and stay. Foreigners are required to register with local division of RF Migration Service upon arrival (we can help with that, registration fee is about 250 rubles).

A reward for all your courage and effort will include not only stunning views but also a rare experience of presence in the wild (so far) nature with no people and no traces of human activity at all.

Where to go?

Below are some places we can take you to. It’s not a full list of travel routes that we know and have the facilities for and, thus, can take you to but we should also bear in mind that not all roads are passable and not all places are accessible at any time in any weather. We can discuss details when you come to our camp.

* Please bear in mind that tour duration given below does not include stops to take photos, trek, meditate and have lunch


Miraculous wonder spot

There’s a wonderful spot in Kuraisky Ridge and it’s not that far from our camp. What makes it special is that the view from here is grand – really beautiful and impressive. And above that – if you come in early July to August – it is all covered with myriads of flowers and looks like an endless live carpet. Forget-me-nots, edelweiss, Alpine asters… and more…and more…

  • Tour duration: 1.5- 2 hours
  • Elevation change: 700 m
  • Short trip

Kyzyl Cheen 

Another planet. That’s what it looks like. The place is called “Mars” between the people who have seen it. We think it speaks for itself.

  • Tour duration: 3-4 hours
  • Distance to Mars: 200,000,000 km
  • Half-day tariff is possible

 Sukor Mountain

And how about seeing ALL ridges and peaks at a time? (Well, almost all).  View point is at a mountain top, almost at 3,000 m. You’ll see both of Chuya ridges, Kuraiskyi ridge, Taldura and Tchikhaev ridge. Have we missed something out?

  • Tour duration: 4-5 hours
  • Ascent to 2,950 m
  • Half-day tariff is possible


Elangash – is the name of a river and a valley. Besides, it’s an ancient migration and trade route. Rocks at the root of Janiktu sacred mountain still hold the traces of many nations that lived here or migrated through the territory. Petroglyphs of the area are known by their diversity and dimensions – over 15 km of the rocks are covered with ancient petroglyphic drawings. Above all that – it’s so beautiful here!

  • Tour duration: 5-6 hours
  • Distance travelled: 50 km
  • Full day

To drop into Ukok

Tavyn Bogdo Ola. Ever heard about that? Let us tell you. It’s about five sacred peaks located at Russian-Mongolian border. To see all of them you need to take a challenging trip to Ukok upland. But (the devil is always in the details) you can get the five peaks view if you find the right (and very interesting) spot to look from. Come and we’ll show you.

  • Tour duration: 5 hours
  • Distance travelled: 50 km
  • Full day



Kindiktikul Lake

“A lake with a navel string” – that’s how it is translated from local language. It is true that the lake has a whimsical shoreline. If you go a bit higher, the view to Tchikhaev Ridge will be just stunning. It’s the snow leopard (Irbis) habitat, by the way. Stay alert.

  • Tour duration: 8-10 hours
  • Distance travelled: up to Mongolian border



Yustyt – a hundred of larch trees

There was a time when larch trees grew here. There were lots of trees but it was long ago. The trees disappeared, perhaps, with a help of people.
What have survived from the ancient times are remains of smelting furnaces that were used to make the best iron for the best swords of the Great Steppe.  Hundreds of burial mounds and kereksurs keep memory of those times.

  • Tour duration: 6 -8 hours
  • Distance travelled: 80 km

Jumalinsky Springs

How about taking a therapy bath? And having a ride over all Altai Mountains at a time? Care about going over Tarakhtinsky Pass and up to the very root of Ukok upland? Let’s go there!

  • Tour duration: daylight hours
  • Distance travelled: 120 km

Karagem Pass

Yes, that is Belukha. That’s how you see it when you are in Karagem Pass. Above all that many things that we can tell about the place – it’s the highest pass in Altai that can be reached by a motor vehicle.

  • Tour duration: 6-7 hours
  • Distance travelled: 60 km

Buguzun Pass

It is in adjacent Tyva. The road there is long and challenging. But all the hardship is paid off in spades with beautiful views and pristine nature of that place. The pass, as anywhere else here, is marked with an Obo, but, as distinct from Altai Obos, it has multicolored flags – Buddhist’s.

  • Tour duration: 10 hours
  • Distance travelled: 150 km


Do you want to see Eekta, to wander about the glacier? We are going to Taldura then. Excellent place, though the challenge of the road up there has to be mentioned… But we’ll have a jack, a spade and a good food stock in the car!

  • Tour duration: 8-9 hours
  • Distance travelled: you cannot measure that by miles

Sophia Glacier

We are going through the canyon, visiting a gorge and having a stop by a brook. Then we’ll take a walk. What for? To make amazing photos of ice peaks view.

  • Tour duration: 6 -10 hours
  • Distance travelled: 80 km

To Dzhelo glacier to pay a visit to eagles

To Dzhelo glacier to pay a visit to eagles
“Wow”! That’s the word most frequently used by the people who first see the glacier from Karagem Pass.  The view is just stunning. You suddenly find yourself high above the ice field and you desire to go right there right now is even higher. You better schedule an overnight trip to this place.

  • Tour duration: 8 -10 hours
  • Distance: 55 km and a long trek
укок Ukok is a Mongolian word translated as “a coffer” or “a chest”. It’s far, it’s hard to reach, very beautiful and interesting.

* We take you to the place you select and, of course, we take care of little but important details to make the trip as comfortable as possible in the given conditions: foods, something to sit on or make your tea hot etc.

And, surely, that’s not all – the list of interesting places is really long. You’ll see new items and links here a bit later.
Destinations and ideas of the tours can be different. We can study petroglyphic drawings, burial mounds, deer stones and other artefacts or hunt for sceneries and views of exceptional beauty and power. It can be anything you want.





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