Ethnic music performances

You may listen to thousands of stories, read books and articles on history of this land and its people or you may listen to the music performed by steppe musicians or “khaitchee” and you will understand much more just listening to their music. And you can do it in our camp. We can invite performers to the camp if you ask us to and we have a special guest yurt for that purpose. Let us know what genre of local folklore is of interest and we will contact local performers on our side. They are quite experienced and very talented performers that perform professionally. Among them are “Altay-Khai” band – winners of numerous musical contests and participants of folk festivals.
Time and price should be agreed in advance, what we can tell at this point is that the price starts at 3,000 rubles.

Contact us through «Contacts» page here, or write at e-mail  or call at: +7 983 582 7253,  +7 913 927 9732
Short video of one of the performances:





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