Shaltura (Şaydura, Şaltura, Şalturı) natural boundary; alt. shadyra / shadra – to make a rumble, crackle, shaldrak – knock, clattering.


In the photo above it is not Schaltra. We see the valleys of the rivers Akkol and Karaoyuk, the place of their confluence and right in the center of the mountain range Beltirdu. But that’s what would make a photo from this perspective, and just need to get into the tract called Shaltra.

It is high, the tract is located above the mark of 2700 meters at sea level. Very close to the glaciers, there is snow almost all year round, yaks graze and in the summer bloom edelweiss. The maximum mark of the height of the tract lies at around 2900 meters.

Shaltra is the expanse of Altai and crazy species opening from this plateau.

On the way there and back will be a lot of interesting. White clays of the Chagan Uzun valley, huge moraines, mountains cracked by the earthquake, summer pastures in alpine meadows, curly rocks and petroglyphs on them, descents and rises, passes and in general ..