Wonderful  Glade Wonderland

There is a wonderful place on the slopes of the Kuraisky Range. It’s not far from our camp. Only 7 kilometers in a straight line. But as much as 700 meters vertically. And this is a very important circumstance.
Ancient barrows in the steppe, golden karagach, wormwood and juniper on the slopes, dictate the specific perception of this landscape. Severe, wild and unapproachable. Before climbing the mountains, be sure to stop and breathe a spicy fragrance of wormwood. There are several species here, and each has its own viscous, pungent flavor. Above the mountains, the landscape changes dramatically. Wormwood and thorns change with rhubarb and onions. By the way, they are both very edible and tasty. But what we are looking for above the gorge. It is necessary to rise still and break out into the open space of a mountain terrace. Below us is the Chuya steppe, in the distance the icy tops of Yuzhno-Chui, and around the magnificence of alpine meadows. Edelweiss, gentian, forget-me-nots, asters and more and more .. Sea of ​​flowers. My writers’ abilities are primitive and wretched in order to try to convey the sensations in this place. Maybe the photo will help? ..)))