colorful beauty

Janterek, Jaaterek. алт. Jaan – big, senior, respectable; terek— poplar) — big poplar

  • The river flowing from the Kuray Range
  • The peak of the Kuray Range is 3402 m.
  • On the map of the General Staff of the USSR Ministry of Defense  m45-17

Someone is misleading. Or a map or navigator

As it often happens in the Altai, and not only here, the same names can be worn by rivers, valleys, peaks, and ridges. Here and in this case, Yannerek is both a river and a summit.

Judging by the name, the river was first named so; in the middle and lower reaches, and in fact the valley of the river is a chic poplar grove with a dry channel in the middle.

But quite another thing in the upper reaches of the river, and even more so at the top, there is not and can not be a single tree.

Well, there is a separate story. And we suggest that you study it ….