30 000 petroglyphs

Elangash ( alt. jаlantash) — bare, without a forest, devoid of vegetation.

Елангаш и вершина Джаниикту

The mission of antiquity is deep. Drawings on the rocks, left not even by their ancestors, but by distant and unknown ancestors. However, not so unknown. Scientists unravel the code of ancient artists, restore the conditions of their contemporary life, ethnic types of tribes and peoples who have left their marks on the rocks of Elangash.

The picture is amazing. Here are found the drawings of all the Turkic and Scythian cultures, which for centuries flourished in the Altai, together or alternating. The oldest images were painted on the rocks here, possibly still in the Neolithic. On the rocks are carved various animals, some of which now even do not occur in the Altai, images of people, genre scenes. These are hunting scenes, including with dogs. Riders on horses. A woman is a mother. The shaman is behind the wooing. A warrior in armament. There is an opinion that the phenomenal, in comparison with the neighboring gorges, the quantity and diversity of petroglyphs in the Elangash valley is explained by the fact that for a long time and various epochs trade and migration routes invariably passed through the valley.

With all the variety of rock carvings, drawings with animals are especially fascinating. Sometimes they are schematic, and sometimes executed in a naturalistic and masterful manner. Often these are not just static images, many animals are shown in motion. Ancient artists surprisingly managed to convey the character of their models. Deer – graceful and impetuous. Bulls are huge and formidable. Camels are slow and melancholic.

And the tract is incredibly picturesque. It fully justifies its name: here you will not find a single tree. But in the upper reaches there are several lakes, in the meadows a lot of flowers. This is a symbol of the mountains, a gentle edelweiss, and a mountain aster, and a piercing blue gentian, and modest buttercups, and many others. In Elangash lives, probably, the largest herd of sarlyk. These mountain bulls, by the incredibility of their appearance, divide the first place with the camels in the local hit parade. Severe, shaggy, like St. Bernard, and clumsy at first sight beasts, jumping over the rocks with the grace of the deer. They live at a height of not less than 1500 meters above sea level. And in the treeless valley of Elangash they are especially comfortable.