Akkol – white river

Ak-Köl (Ak-Kol, Ak-Kul) river, alt. Kӧl is a lake. White, snow-white hazy-white; with glacial start or food.

Слияние рек Аккол и КарааюкThis river has three names, but each of them means “white, white water”. In the lower reaches it is Chagan-Uzun. Behind Beltir, above the confluence with Taldur, Chagan-Uzun becomes simply Chagan, in the origins it is Akkol. Up the Chagan is the main part of the route.

The first thing that strikes in the Chagan Valley is the mountain massif on the left bank of the river, along which the road runs. The place is far from ordinary, even the mystical Pyramids and towers of the fancifully weathered rock have merged into a solid wall. Very dramatic looks a sharp change of colors – from dark steel to light ocher. It’s like a gigantic fortress that stands guard over a wide river valley. It seems to keep the rest of the ancient burial mounds located here, at its foot.

But very soon the valley narrows sharply, it simply collapses, and the road begins to climb into the mountains. The river is always somewhere nearby, but you can see it infrequently – along the river there is no way, it is laid straight through the watershed ridge. And with every kilometer the road changes: it goes through the rocks, then along the placer of colored stones, then between rounded hills, then along a narrow fault in a giant monolith, it is selected for clamping. On the way there will be also curly cliffs (geological term), and “sheep’s foreheads”, and petroglyphs. The very path through the mountains is like an attraction with changing pictures. And just like landscapes, the weather is changeable. If you were caught in the rain on the way, do not be discouraged – in fact, you have a unique opportunity to get to the carnival of crazy rainbows in the valley of the White River, believe me, this is an incredible sight!

At the foot of the Beltirdu ridge, which, like a gigantic ship cuts through the space, are joined by two rivers running along both sides of the ridge. They form the Chagan River along which we have been climbing all this time. From the viewport there is a magnificent view of the confluence of the rivers Karaoyuk and Akkol – the black and white rivers. Our further path lies, as it is easy to guess, up Akkola, to the lakes of Karakul and Akkul. One – black, with transparent key water, which black makes a dark breed of a lake bowl. The other lies on the path of the milky-white glacial Accola – it fills the depression of the valley under the smooth, almost steep slopes of Beltird. But the most unexpected is the white sand dunes, located between the two lakes. How do you prospect to lie on the sand on the shore of a mountain lake?